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From New Zealand with Love

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My roots are in New Zealand and the idea for Penn Friends socks materialized when a friend, who lives there, acquired a sock machine. 

There is a powerful Maori concept Tūrangawaewae — Tūranga (standing place) and Waewae (feet). Tūrangawaewae, a place to stand, is used to describe places where we feel especially empowered and connected, places we come from and the foundation we make for ourselves in the world. My hope is that perhaps, when you slip on a pair of Penn Friend socks, you might feel a little more connected to that!

Quality Ingredients

Penn Friends socks are produced one sock at a time, on a single machine.
Composition: 81% mercerized cotton, 15% spandex, 4% elastic.



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"One sock at a time."


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Who is Penn Friends?

Sally Penn is a designer and painter. Penn Friends socks are part of a series of creative projects she has been developing while working as a still life stylist and raising her family in Brooklyn.